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Yes I have Boobs, Arshi Khan’s Daring Women’s Day shoot dedicated to Shahid Afridi’s Peshawar Zalmi

Controversial Indian model of Pakistani and Afghani descent, Arshi Khan, today on International Women’s Day – March 8 – made a very bold statement – Yes I have boobs, she stated while posing provocatively for the cameras. She later on dedicated the shoot to Shahid Afridi’s team Peshawar Zalmi for winning the Pakistan Super League or PSL 2 cup. Watch the video here:

 and here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOychg9u8zM. 

Arshi had earlier declared that she is fully supporting Shahid Afridi’s team Peshawar Zalmi in the upcoming Pakistan Super League and that she would donate Rs 1 lakh if Afridi’s team Peshawar Zalmi won the PSL Cup. She said she would make good her promise within 2-3 days.

Not too long ago,  Arshi Khan lost no time to make her displeasure for President Donald Trump known. As we reported earlier, Arshi Khan was denied a visa to travel to the USA.


Arshi Khan is of Pakistani-Afghani descent. It is quite possible that her visa application was rejected because of her religion as she is a Muslim and has several relatives staying in the Clifton area of Karachi as well as in Afghanistan, Arshi Khan’s publicist and spokesperson Flynn Remedios said in Mumbai.

To send out a “strong signal” to the US administration, Arshi Khan decided not to appeal or beg and plea with the US Government. Instead, she took matters into her own hands and did what she always does best – shed her clothes and show off her curvaceous body with her displeasure showing in bold letters (or images).

She told her publicist and spokesperson Flynn Remedios to help her get herself painted with President Donald Trump’s mugshot on her bare back side. While we know that Arshi Khan can be really crazy at times, their joint collaboration possibly did wonders. And we think even President Trump and his “A” team may be amused by the results. All is fair in love and war, President Trump, Remedios said, after the painting job was over.

According to a statement issued by Arshi Khan‘s publicist, Arshi Khan had applied for a US visa but was informed by the US Embassy that her visa application has been rejected. While no reason was given by Embassy officials, only a one line denial – ‘Due to our current policies we are unable to issue you a visa at this time’, was issued, Arshi Khan’s publicist said that it was due to the Trump effect.

Recently, Arshi Khan posed with a Pakistani flag painted on her bust and crotch. Few days ago, in an apparent bid to support Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi’s Pakistan Super League (PSL) team Peshawar Zalmi, Arshi Khan painted Afridi’s images on her boobs and panties. In India, Arshi Khan is seen to be pro-Pakistani and has openly supported Pakistani cricket teams playing in India.

President Trump is “racist” and intolerant of world cultures and religions. He is targeting Muslims across the world, Arshi Khan had said in a statement on Twitter, explaining why she resorted to such “drastic steps” in protest of the POTUS executive orders. “The President of the US should understand that all Muslims are not terrorists and as a Muslim, I can certainly say that many Muslims all over the world like myself are the most fun-loving and tolerant people.

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