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Hot Goa gets hotter as Arshi Khan sizzles during an outdoor photo shoot


Arshi Khan sent temperatures soaring in Goa today with a hot outdoor photo shoot. Here are some of the pics.. more to follow very soon…. Earlier in the day she was trolled by Gautam Gambhir fans who derided her for siding with Shahid Afridi. It may be recalled that Gautam ...

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Arshi Khan slams Gautam Gambhir, supports Afridi, gets trolled on Twitter by Gambhir fans


After telling Gautam Gambhir to respect Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi as the latter was older and more experienced than him, Arshi Khan got trolled on Twitter with Gambhir fans using very vulgar and derogatory language and comments against the Mumbai-based actress. However, Arshi was not to be let down and ...

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Peshawar Zalmi earned fame because of Shahid Afridi, Javed Afridi must not let the team split


On the news that Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi has quit the Peshawar Zalmi team, Arshi Khan took to Twitter today to say that Javed Afridi must ensure that Shahid Afridi did not quit the team. Afridi announced on Twitter that he had quit the team leaving both team owner Javed ...

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Arshi Khan supports Shahid Afridi slams Gautam Gambhir on Twitter, says he is also behaving like a 16-year-old


Arshi Khan seems to be very active on Twitter today. After slamming the Shiv Sena over the Ravindra Gaikwad-Air India staffer slapping incident, Arshi Khan took up cudgels on behalf of Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. She rebuked Gautam Gambhir saying, “bhai don’t say anything about Shahid Afridi and further scolded ...

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Arshi Khan takes on “violent” Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad on Twitter, demands ban on trains


Reacting to the mass ban of Shiv Sena Pune MP Ravindra Gaikwad by almost all airlines for beating up an airline staffer with his chappals 25 times, Arshi Khan took to Twitter today to express her anger against the MP. In one post she said the MP must be also ...

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Which teams should I support during IPL 2017, Arshi Khan questions fans on Twitter


Arshi Khan took to Twitter today to ask her fans and followers as to which teams should she support during the IPL 2017. The 2017 season of the Indian Premier League, also known as IPL 10, will be the tenth season of the IPL, a professional Twenty20 cricket league established ...

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Qandeel Baloch may never get justice, killers could walk free soon, fears Arshi Khan


Arshi Khan today tweeted that Pakistani social media sensation Qandeel Baloch who was murdered by her own brothers may never get justice and her killers may eventually walk free. Arshi Khan says she has made her statement on the very slow legal process in Pakistan with the prosecution not keen ...

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Arshi Khan wants Shahid Afridi as commentator for IPL 2017


Arshi Khan today stated on her Twitter handle @arshikofficial that she wants Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi to be part of the IPL 2017 in someway or the other. “He is a very good commentator and his commentary can bring new life and “fun” to the matches. I think Shahid Afridi ...

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Shahid Afridi Displays Underwear, Arshi Khan says WOW – Cricket’s Most Funny Moments


Shahid Afridi With His Pants Down To Dhoni Go  ng Shirtless – Cricket’s Most Funny Moments   Cricketers are often under immense pressure during matches, especially when playing in a prestigious tournament such as the World Cup. In their eagerness to win, they go all out, but find themselves occasionally ...

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Churchill Alemao, Vijai Sardesai NAMARD hein, model offers Rs 75k to persons who fling rotten coconuts at Vijai, Churchill


Mumbai based model and actress Arshi Khan today hiked her offer – she is now offering Rs 75k to the persons who fling rotten coconuts at Churchill Alemao and Vijai Sardesai. In a vitriolic attack on the two, on Twitter, she said, Churchill Alemao and Vijai Sardesai NAMARD (they are ...

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