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Shahid Afridi speaks about Arshi Khan, a second marriage and his social work in a splendid interview on the Geo News’ programme Jirga

Pakistani skipper Shahid Afridi has made it to prime time news over the last two years, for a lot of on-pitch and off-pitch controversies but his name never came in the limelight in a big way regarding any off-the-pitch scandals.

Afridi speaking to Saleem Safi on the Geo News’ programme Jirga said, ““I married in an early age to stay away from controversies, to not diverge from a straight path,” said Afridi in an attempt to explain why he never became a hero for the tabloids.

However, on the question of a second marriage, Afridi said every man wishes for it and his is also a desire which will never materialise.

“Every man wants to marry a second time,” Afridi said laughing. “Some do it while others keep wishing for it. Mine is also a wish only.”

Meanwhile, responding to Afridi’s interview on the Geo show, Arshi Khan thanked the Pakistani cricketer and former captain Shahid Afridi for his “gentlemanly” interview.

Shahid Afridi was also asked about his ties with the Indian model, besides other things.

While Afridi very jovially skirted the issue, he also said he did not know what was happening. “My guess is as good as yours,” he replied to the Geo Tv anchor’s question concerning Arshi Khan.

When queried about a possible second marriage, Afridi again avoided giving any direct answer and gave a tongue-in-cheek reply instead. The media savvy Afridi really knows how to play to the gallery, said Arshi Khan adding that Afridi is a thorough professional and a perfect gentleman.


Meanwhile, he is also focusing on Shahid Afridi Foundation’s (SAF) projects. “I’ve worked with a lot of NGOs for the past nine years during earthquakes and floods. I have seen the suffering very closely. I want to put my effort in for them [through SAF]. I haven’t made my foundation to compete with any other NGO, it’s just a mean to an end.”

On a question of why Afridi is investing his efforts in the health sector like 1992 World Cup winning captain Imran Khan, he said: “Whatever Imran bhai has done is great, may Almighty give him more success it that. I started off with the idea of a two-room clinic but eventually it took the shape of a full-fledged hospital. People are devoid of basic health facilities in the remote areas of Pakistan. We are living like kings in the metropolitan. These people have the right of our services.”


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