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Online Bookies and Match Predictors make a killing on Facebook as IPL draws near

It is a known fact that people all over the world, invest millions on betting in various sports, but the most popular sport is cricket.

With the IPL around the corner hundreds of bookies, predictors and tippers have started hunting for customers, trying to make a killing. Such betting rackets are not knew and have existed since the sport became famous  – thanks to satellite television.

In India, since the start of the IPL series, the sport has been plagued by reports of betting. It is a known fact the film stars, celebrities, sports persons, politicians and the rich and the poor alike are involved in such betting rackets.

In the last few seasons of the IPL there were major controversies around betting and match-fixing rackets among teams and several players, celebrities, team owners and cricket officials were also indicted and some of them arrested. In spite of several new rules in place to prevent betting rackets and the involvement of players and team owners in the game, the bookies manage to find their way into the inner circle of players and reach out to them with huge incentives and rewards for throwing away a ball or a match.

This year, social media, particularly Facebook has become a hotbed for betting activity. Thousands of bookies, predictors and tippers from all over the world have over taken Facebook with the intention of making an extra buck. These online betting rackets are active for any and every match played across the world and every predictor says he can predict the winning team of the IPL, and bookies are making money roping in even college students on Facebook.

Some prominent names or ids on Facebook are Rohan Kapoor, Durban etc and these names are trending big time on FB, with bookies claiming that everything is saleable these days and for a price anyone can be bought. Names like Vikram Singh on Facebook are the most sought out bookies or tippers in Cyberspace. Many women and girls are also involved in this racket. One name that is doing the rounds on Facebook is that of one Shilpa Motwani. It seems that bookies are using models and actresses to also seduce customers via Facebook.

We do not know who these people are – for they all claim to be genuine and claim that they are able to predict the winners of the IPL. Some of these names were also active last year during IPL 2015 and IPL 2016. What is very strange is that many of their predictions turn out to be true. So the question is – where do they get their information from and are they actually involved in the huge betting racket that involves the cricketers, cricket teams, underworld dons and politicians or it just a case of good luck – like Emraan Hashmi did in the movie Jannat.

The answers to these questions are elusive for now, but one thing is sure – some people are making a hell lot of money.


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