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Is Mridula Sinha Goa Governor, or a BJP Central Minister, ask Goans?

Certain acts of the Goa Governor Mridula Sinha over the last 4 days, have promoted several people in Goa to ask this question above.

With questions being raised on social media on the dubious role of the Governor and the blatant misuse of the office of the Governor, IndiaNewsNet.IN conducted a quick telephonic poll in Goa and spoke to a rough sample of about 300 people – both from North and South Goa to ascertain the mood of the people.

Most people we spoke to opined that the Goa Governor Mridula Sinha was not acting and behaving like an independent State Governor, but was rather behaving like a Central BJP Minister.

“The people of Goa have completely lost faith in the Governor and the Governor’s office. It is common sense. Why was the Governor in such a tearing hurry to anoint Parrikar the CM of Goa and that too on Sunday late night. As per the sequence of events, Parrikar along with Vijai Sardesai of the GFP and MGP leaders sought an audience with the Governor at around 7.30 or 8 pm on Sunday, which was immediately granted. In contrast to this, when the Congress south an appointment with the Governor on Tuesday morning, she refused to meet them and only granted them an audience on Tuesday late afternoon.

After Parrikar submitted the letters of support from the GFP and the MGP, the Governor was immediately pleased to invite him to form the government and also anointed him the Chief Minister late evening on Sunday.  It all seems as the Governor was briefed earlier and was only waiting for Parrikar and gang to troop in with his letters of support. As a matter of protocol, the letter for the GFP should have been signed by the party president, along with individual letters from the elected candidates – in this case the party president had resigned an hour before Sardesai landed at the Governor’s office and he did not have the letter signed by the party president. There were several other lacunae when the group met the Governor on Sunday late evening, and the Governor, if she so desired was well within her rights to stall the anointing of Parrikar to the next morning. However, to the chagrin of the Congress, Sinha accepted all the letters and anointed Parrikar the CM, giving him 15 days to prove his majority on the floor of the house.  

The Governor’s letter appointing Parrikar the CM was ready and handed over in a record time of 15 minutes – a record in India for promptness and efficiency. To the common man, it seems the letter was prepared in advance and the Governor’s office had only to print it out.

According to the Indian Express, in its meeting with Governor Mridula Sinha this (Tuesday) afternoon, Congress MLAs urged her to issue an invitation to them – the single largest party – to form government and postpone the Manohar Parrikar swearing-in ceremony. While Governor Sinha said she would reconsider the whole issue, movement on the ground at Raj Bhavan indicates otherwise. Preparations are underway, full-swing for the swearing-in ceremony.

The Congress was and is the single largest party in Goa. The Governor should have respected the people’s mandate. While the BJP had the numbers, there was an issue of propriety and morality here. Vijai Sardesai and the GFP had won the elections only because of their anti-BJP and anti-Parrikar stand.

In fact, during the run-up to the elections on 4th February,  spokespersons for the GFP were sharing private press releases and information about corrupt BJP ministers like Dayanand Mandrekar and others with the media.

GFP workers were digging up dirt on BJP Ministers including Parulekar, Mandrekar and even Parsekar, under instructions of Sardesai and other senior GFP leaders. The entire Goa Foward Party team was asked to go out of its way to malign and expose every single incorrect, illegal or corrupt act of the BJP and its candidates. 

While all this was going on, it seems that Sardesai was in a secret deal with the BJP immediately after the elections were over. Maybe Sardesai was pissed with Faleiro for fielding candidates against him at Fatorda at the last minute, even though the Congress had decided to leave the seat to Sardesai as a goodwill gesture, but sleeping with the enemy is a different thing all-together.





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  1. Ramiro Mascarenhas


  2. The governor M Sinha is not an independent governor she is a biggest bjp group ,she is not entitle as governor she is the biggest fraud .she is a prostitute

  3. It is clearly spelt out by the people of Goa that they have been let down by the people whom they have voted i.e. the other parties than the BJP. They won because of their anti BJP tirade. It is the Centre’s diktat and money power that has got them the rule in BJP. Moreover Parrikar is not an MLA. The existing CM lost the election!

  4. Goa Governor is like BPJ agent andmoney power has played a big role. This is not called democracy it is called gooda raj or a Mafia raj .

  5. Instead of asking BJP to form government,wasn’t it better to declare Governor’s rule till things are sorted between the two parties… Everything seems to be done in a haste..
    Absolute nonsense!

  6. Sack her. She is not fit to b d Governor. Anyways she is about to RIP.

  7. Galdinius De Sousa

    This lady Mridula Sinha is a coward. We dont need such useless oldie puppets in our state.

  8. Sack if she doesn’t work in right way

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