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Eating beef is my birthright, State cannot stop me: Arshi Khan

Condemning the attempt by the Indian government to ban the trade of animals for slaughter and slaughter of animals for religious sacrifice, Mumbai-based model and actress Arshi Khan said that the practice of slaughtering animals as part of religious sacrifice or kurbani has been going on in India for hundreds of years. The State cannot and should not interfere in the religious practices of people – particularly practices which are age-old as well as dictate terms to the people when it comes to eating habits.

Meanwhile, the India Against Corruption & Communalism (IACC) Forum has called fore strict and immediate action against groups and elements instigating and fomenting communal trouble and violence in Goa.

According to a report in The Hindu, Sadhvi Saraswati was on fire at the “Hindu Rashtra” conclave, which is currently underway in Goa.

Not only did the self-appointed God woman spew venom against Muslims in India, she made an open call for violence against beef eaters and “seculars.” The Sadhvi also said that Hindus should arm themselves to “save our women from love jihad”, reports The Hindu.

Arshi Khan strongly condemned the utterances of the speakers at Hindu Rashtra conclave, that the speakers were trying to inflame passions and instigate riots in the country by creating a Hindu-Muslim divide.

Spokesperson for the IACC, Flynn Remedios, said people of all religions have lived in peace and complete communal harmony for decades in Goa. Such elements like Sadhvi Saraswati must never be allowed on Goan soil.

“Holding such conclaves in Goa is bad for Goa Tourism. The backbone of Goa Tourism are the foreign tourists, mainly those who come from the UK, USA, Germany, Israel, Russia, etc., most of whom are beef eaters and love their steaks. The vitriolic and communal utterances of speakers at the Goa Hindu Rashtra conclave including statements calling for attacks against beef eaters are aggressively being reported by the international press and media and circulated on foreign social media networks thus creating a bad name for the good and clean name of Goa as a warm,  friendly, non-communal place,” said Flynn Remedios, adding that if Goa CM Manohar Parrikar was really keen on increasing and improving foreign tourists footfalls in Goa, he should have asked the police to take an undertaking from the Conclave organisers to “bar” speakers from making statements on sensitive issues. “It is obvious the Goa government does not care about Goa Tourism, opined Remedios.

Referring to The Hindu report, Remedios said the IACC is taking legal opinion and could file a criminal complaint against Saraswati who was quoted as saying, “Whoever harms cow or abuses the country can only be termed as our enemy. Those politicians who are supporting the consumption of beef in the country and those who see it as a status symbol should be publicly executed by the government. Protection of the cow is our duty. We should apply the same laws which are applied for homicide cases against people found butchering cattle.”

Saraswati also said, “Pehle Hindu ko hi Hindu banana hai (first we need to convert a Hindu to Hindu) — that is our biggest challenge today… They are in the garb of seculars… these seculars are the first who will be attacked,” she said, calling for violence to teach the Hindu seculars a very strong lesson

Over 100 right-wing groups are being hosted in Goa by the Hindu Janajagriti Samiti, widely regarded as a fringe group. The objective of the four-day long conclave is to establish a “Hindu Rashtra.” The HJS burst into limelight after the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested Virendrasing Tawde, a member, in connection with the murder of the rationalist Narendra Dabholakar in Pune in 2013, reports The Hindu.

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