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Deepak Tijori has crossed all limits: Wife Shivani Tomar finally breaks her silence, throws him out of their home

According to the Hindustan Times, actor-director Deepak Tijori is in the news over his public spat with Shivani Tomar, his wife of 22 years. Earlier, reports claimed that the actor was thrown out of his home by Shivani after a fight.

Tijori also went to the media indicating that his marriage wasn’t legal as Shivani hid the details of her separation from her previous husband. The couple has a 20-year-old daughter Samara.

Shivani, who maintained silence all this while, has finally spoken up. “Deepak Tijori , my husband of 22-plus years and the father of our young daughter, has crossed all limits and has over-stepped the domains of decency, morality, sensitivity, sensibility and above all, the premises of every legality. I choose not to speak at all, simply because the matter between us, is subjudice,” said Shivani in an interview to DNA.

She further said, “As an honest and responsible litigant, I have nothing to hide or fear. Let the courts decide based on the facts. I am positive that truth shall prevail.”

It seems Shivani has decided to take on Tijori in the media as well.

According to the Indian Express, Deepak Tijori’s life has hit the doldrums and the yesteryear’s actor-director is making news all of a sudden.

Reports emerged that Deepak Tijori has been thrown out of his home by wife Shivani who believes he is having an extramarital affair.

The actor is known for his roles in films such as Aashiqui and Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander.

According to a Spotboye report, Deepak has been living with friends or paid guest accommodations as Shivani had ensured he has no access to his home.

However, allegedly the twist in the tale came when Deepak realised via his counsellor that he and Shivani are not even legally married.

Deepak and Shivani have a 21-year-old daughter Samara. Reportedly, Shivani never legally divorced her first husband, making her marriage to Deepak null and void under the law.

Shivani, who is a fashion designer, has filed a case for maintenance, claiming she is a “deserted wife” who cannot maintain her and her daughter’s expenses. Deepak has allegedly filed another case of ‘nullity’ against Shivani. The battle is being fought in the Family Court, Bandra.

To confirm this, we tried getting in touch with Deepak Tijori himself, but he was not available for comment. We got in touch with his sister-in-law Kunika Lal who is a singer by profession .

She told indianexpress.com, “Deepak very much has his own house so don’t don’t believe everything you read, and yes there is trouble between my sister Shivani and Deepak, but we don’t discuss personal matters like that. But how is it possible that they were not married legally? And even if he was still married to her first husband, why would he keep quiet for so long?

They have a 21-year-old daughter together! It is just some baseless media conspiracy that is going on, and I would like to urge you that you guys not write such stories without any proof. This matter involves their daughter in it, so show some sensitivity. Also, there is a court case going on, and it is best to wait for the judgement.”

Kunika also added that someone might be doing this mischief and they were not bothered by such stories.



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